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Mary L. Trump
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Too Much and Never Enough

Warning! This is a Best Seller Summary and Analysis of Too Much and Never Enough by Mary L. Trump. It is not the original book.

Use this Summary book to:

#1 Decide if the original book is for you. Hint: it is!
#2 Get chapter-by-chapter main points and takeaways.
#3 Gain a better understanding,
#4 Learn what you must know in 15-60 minutes.
#5 Refresh your memory of the parent book.
#6 Throw at a political opponent.

Whether you are for Trump or against him, Too Much and Never Enough by Mary L.Trump dumps an entire load of skeletons from Trump closets at your feet for perusal. Mary claims Trump is an unlovable, bullying, cruel, crass, racist, sociopathic fraud with delusions of grandeur. Rather than working for the American people, Mary suggests he is only out for Trump and his children, for the empire, for more power, riches, and fame. He wants to be the "greatest" and the "best" American President in history. The American people are but tools to reach their personal goals. He would never associate with the type of people who voted for him-- middle-class Bible Belt Republicans.
One irony is that Donald's father, Fred Trump, used New York Democrat political machines to finance his real estate empire. Fred became rich from construction paid for by FHA Roosevelt-branded subsidies post WWII, a Democrat proposal that made many developers extremely wealthy.
Mary discusses her interaction with journalists from the New York Times and even cites one of their articles as her primary source of financial background information on Trump after giving them some critical documents from her grandfather's estate.
In one section, Mary recalls witnessing her father pointing a rifle at their mother's head and other childhood memories. In another, she becomes a sophisticated political analyst ripping apart Trump, reminiscent of a Democrat New York Times columnist. Is Mary, as a psychologist, qualified to make statements like Hillary, well=known for "Pay to Play" corruption, was the most qualified candidate ever to run for President? Has she studied all of the candidates ever to run for President, or did she just read it in the New York Times? Or did a ghostwriter toss this in to slam Trump? Towards the end of the book, we read page upon page of sophisticated political analysis, which discredits Trump. It makes the reader wonder how much of the book is her material and how much could have been written by professional political character assassins as a high-profile op-ed.
Mary poses as a COVID-19 expert, blaming everything negative on Trump's adverse childhood that made him so cruel and uncaring. She regurgitates verbatim the standard Leftist diatribes crafted to scapegoat Trump when there is substantial evidence that the Democrats colluded with the Chinese to make the pandemic happen and spread it.
Could Mary be out for revenge and the money she lost from her inheritance? Is she wittingly being used by the Left to attack Trump and paid handsomely through book royalties?
In any case, the information presented is shocking and unforgettable, like when Donald has a bowl of mashed potatoes dumped on his head at age 12 for teasing his younger brother, Robert.
Should we praise Mary for sharing what she is convinced is President Trump's true nature, or should we get a bowl of mashed potatoes ready for her head for seeking revenge, money, and working for the Left to affect an election?

Scott Campbell earned a Biology degree, Summa Cum Laude, a physiology degree, and a doctorate from prestigious universities. Tops among his signature skills is his ability to recognize intricate patterns that oversee various fields.

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