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Your donations allow me to educate people since our schools and churches failed us.


They also give me:

(1) more time to investigate, create more blogs and books, and share more ideas on social media. With the coronavirus pandemic, I feel obligated to put even more time in to contributing.
(2) to pay for expenses like websites, writing tools, and research materials.
(3) feed my overgrown German Shepherd, his multiple morning walk-mates who are strays and always hungry, and four or more feral cats.

There are several convenient ways to donate.

(1) GOFUNDME for a one-time or multiple-time donation.
(2) PATREON for small monthly automatic contributions.
(3) MAIL:  Send a check or money order to:

Scott Campbell

340 S LEMON AVE #5706

WALNUT, CA 91789


Photo: My rescue dog, "Crusher," as a wild  pup. 

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