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Michael S. Schmidt
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NOTE! This book is a summary, part of a Trump series of summaries, and not intended to replace in any way or fashion Michael Schmidt’s fine original book. 


New York Times journalist Michael Schmidt investigates that rogue of a President, Trump, as he spats with his government. Many in the FBI and House would like to see Trump gone and his thirst for power to fire people who are not loyal to him cut off first.


Schmidt, who won a Pulitzer Prize, takes the biographical perspective for two key players who play significant roles in Trump's affairs: FBI Director James Comey and Senior Legal Counsel Don McGahn.


Trump's style of running the White House was not only unorthodox among an initial backdrop of circus-level chaos and incompetence but often threatening and abusive.


A dossier based on rumor and speculation, and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton would give rise to accusations of Russian collusion before Trump could even be inaugurated. Trump had only spent one day in Moscow but stood accused of having time to watch Russian prostitutes urinate on a bed once slept on by Obama and his lovely wife, Michelle.


Comey was sure that Trump was obstructing justice for Michael Flynn, and his claims and actions would lead to the Mueller investigation, which consumed two years of the Trump Presidency.


Schmidt is obsessed with detail and reigns highly skilled at working informants. The savvy workaholic journalist even gets a one-on-one interview with Trump at his Florida golf resort, which Trump's chief aide tries to break off.

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