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This is a study aid, not the original book by Steve Deace. Buy it as an adjunct, not a replacement for less money. This version adds a section about the Deep State in general, which the first version lacks but is less in price.
Our Constitution arose to prevent people like Anthony Fauci from acquiring too much power. 
Throughout history, a thirst for ultimate power seems, for those who have the resources and support to obtain it, as ubiquitous as the thirst for water.
Deace states that Fauci is not the true leader of the fascists who seized our nation's control via COVID19. He deceives us as a member of one or more organizations even more potent in which Fauci is but a dedicated puppet.
Ben Franklin strolled out of the chambers where the most important single document in the world's history had just been carved into creation. When questioned about what type of government the just-born US Constitution would pillar for its home and followers, Ben Franklin reportedly replied something akin to: "If you can hold on to it, a Republic."
Independence, it seemed, demands constant defense acts—somebody always wants to take it away from whoever latches onto it.
Deace stresses the ultimate significance of the last twenty-eight words of the Bill of Rights. Those powers that the Constitution did not delegate to the United States, or prohibited by it to the States, should be reserved to the States or their people.
Rather than the freedom of the governed, the United States Constitution bore the marks of a document meant to constrain the government itself.
Deace also cites Cato's Letters which