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Updated: Mar 13, 2020


Meghan Markle is a Communist voice for the UK, the EU, and the USA.

In January of 2020 "Meghan the Marxist" said she refused to move back to the USA to pursue a Hollywood career while President Trump was in office.

She just happen to “miss” President Trump’s visit to the UK in 2019.

Meghan, before marrying Prince Harry, called Trump “misogynistic” and “divisive” in 2016, following the standard “divisive” Democrat’s instructions on how to attack Trump. She fully supported Hillary Clinton and threatened to move away from the USA to Canada if Hillary lost. Meghan had no problem with Hillary being a staunch student of Communist Saul Alinsky and a pay-to-play corrupt politician who betrayed and robbed America in dealings with Benghazi, Iraq, Iran, China, and Syria.

The Obamas were the only “Americans” who were invited to her royal wedding in 2018. The Obamas are about as “American” as Malcom X, Jesse Jackson, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin, Mao Zedung, Pol Pot, and Fidel Castro.

Meghan, sometimes referred to as “Meghan the Marxist,” praises Communist author Noam Chomsky who is infamous for his anti-American and anti-capitalism rants.

“Meghan the Marxist,” if she makes it back to Hollywood, will undoubtedly be exploited for her fame to support the Communist globalization movement. Chilling is appropriate.


Media shapes the way people think and especially the way young people think. With its grandeur and stardom to tell a story and deliver a message, cinema is especially powerful. Dinesh DSouza produced and directed a powerful story about Barack Obama based on historical facts. He went to jail for a violation that nobody had ever been prosecuted for in the past. Approximately 90% of the media output is achieved through just a handful of companies dominated by Jewish socialists, Zionists, and Communists. Those who control the media--and the money supply--pretty much control the world. Barack Obama could not handle a movie that told the truth about his plan for America. Most of America did not catch on that the Obama Gang was about to rape it.History tells us that if you want to run the world you have to run the media that describes it. Sousa had to be shut down.With the power to control the media: You can hide the truth. You can distort the facts. You can speak out disinformation. You can rewrite history at will.For decades the Marxist Democratic Communists and Socialists have controlled the media. They have merged politically with the Islamic-Communists. They supported the Chicago Cabal that put Obama into office.Democratic Islamic Communism draws heavily from the ideas of the late Italian Communist Party theoretician Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Marxist and journalist.We can see connections within the transnational Democratic Communist State.European communism, led by the East Germans, Italy, and France, and the Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA, and the Chinese Communist Party, or CPC, in America share a common agenda and philosophy as outlined by Antonio Gramsci. Karl Marx's workers’ Revolution through violence ultimately failed, so they turned to Gramsci.Rather than an abrupt overthrow of the government through violence, Antonio Gramsci advocated the spread of Marxism employing a “Long March through the institutions — i.e., gradual infection of all aspects of society including cinema, all other media, education, religion, the judicial system, labor unions, and political parties. If you toed the line and promoted the Communist agenda, you were treated well and got paid. If you did not, you got abused and ostracized.In the footsteps of most narcissistic Communist Dictators, Obama harnessed the taxpayer-funded National Endowment of the Arts, the largest funder of the arts in the U.S., to produce and promote images of himself.The Obama Deep State hijacked the National Endowment for the Arts is to create a full-blown Cult of Obama in 2009. The Obama Gang launched a government-funded campaign to force the art community to advocate for the administration's positions.When the government starts dictating art you have fascism. Artists are blessed with the ability to shape the lives of those who view their work. The cultish “Hope” poster spawned created by artist ACLU supporter and Leftist activist Shepard Fairey and the “Yes, We Can” song and music video was presented by the Obama administration through a conference call to artists as proper and successful examples to emulate. One Obama conference caller, Michael Skolnik, would later help George Soros, Kamala Harris, and Chicago's Kimm Fox install alternative justice in key cities all around the country by staging public promotional events. An article in Halsey News states that Kamala Harris and Kim Foxx took the stage as featured speakers on May 9, 2018, at Michael Skolnik’s Soze Agency’s Vote for Justice: An Evening of Empowerment with Artists and Activists.The Obama Deep State used the National Endowment of the Arts, at the taxpayers’ expense, to promote the Obama Deep State.


America’s tradition of free speech has been attacked through Communism in Hollywood since the 1930s to establish carefully controlled speech and messages conforming only to Leftist politics.Vladamir Lenin took an interest in film-making early on. He said that motion pictures were the most significant of all the arts.Lenin requested postwar funding related to cinema which resulted in a film studio and associated productions in Moscow.In 1934, several people with Hollywood connections were invited from the National Student League, a |Communist front organization, to make a trip to the Soviet Union. A senior at Dartmouth, Maurice Rapf, whose dad was a major MGM producer, was one, and Budd Schulberg, whose dad was Paramount Pictures production head, was another. The met with the Soviets and returned home to inform their fathers that they wanted to become official Communists. The fathers were worried that their conversion would stir up anti-Semitism because it would reinforce the connection between the Jews and the Bolsheviks. The Schulbergs were Jewish and the father liked the fact that the Soviets had outlawed anti-Semitism and were against the Nazis. A huge increase in cinema attendance and demand for writers, artists, and actors occurred with the advent of films with sound. The major source of talent was the center of Communism at that time, New York City.The Communist Party of the United States, in 1935, made the decision to open a Hollywood office that would be controlled remotely by the hard-line cultural commissar in New York who was V.J. Jerome. Stanley Lawrence, Jerome’s assistant for Hollywood affairs, began to organize Marxist study groups. Lawrence instructed young students, Rapf and Schulberg, to organize Marxist study groups for tenant farmers in the central valley of California and only later would come to do the same in Hollywood. The Communists in the film industry recruited celebrities for membership who would contribute ten percent of their income as annual dues. Rapf and Schulberg decided to add glamour to this community and Budd Schulberg married a pretty woman nicked-named “Jigee” whose real name was Virginia Ray leading to the slogan claiming that the most beautiful women belonged to the Communist Party. They were Hollywood pimps already.If one attended a Communist study group, one could meet famous people in the film industry and beautiful actresses or handsome actors. Maurice Rapf’s family’s beach house in Malibu was one backdrop for the Communist study groups. Budd Schulberg opened the door to his father’s Benedict Canyon house in Benedict Canyon for more Communist gatherings.In addition to the possibility of making tons of money, the Communist Party stalked Hollywood to infiltrate its large labor unions related to the film industry. Agreeing with Lenin’s assessment of the persuasive power of cinema, they knew it was an ideal outlet for Communist propaganda that would convert more people than printed materials.Joseph Davies, once the Ambassador to the Soviet Union from the USA, wrote a book that formed the basis for “Mission to Moscow” which is a great example of the early pro-Communist movies coming out of Hollywood. At that time, the Soviet Union was considered as an ally of the United States in fighting Hitler, so a pro-Soviet and pro-Communist film could be cleverly presented as a twisted form of American patriotism.The Hollywood communists, who were committed to Stalin and against Hitler, were upset when the Soviet Union in 1939 signed a Nazi Germany nonaggression pact. The HISCCASP was perceived as a Communist front organization so it was suggested that they issue an anti-Communism statement. At one meeting, a prominent screenwriter stood up and stated that if war broke out between the United States and the Soviets, he would fight for the Soviets. Ronald Reagan stood up to counter his remark. Reagan was slammed with a handful of nasty epithets such as “red baiter”, “witch hunter”, “fascist”, and “capitalist scum,” a classic Communist tactic we still see every day in modern times.

*Hollywood Ten

On November 24, 1947, 10 Hollywood directors and writers were officially cited for contempt of Congress. They had refused to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee. The day after, their names appeared on the first Hollywood Blacklist recommending not to employ them in Hollywood in any capacity.


The Communists would not be subdued forever and would gradually recover to once again dominate Hollywood as they do today.A good recent example is Netflix’s production of a story about a Communist Chinese run factory pegged with the Obamas’ names, which, of course, was just nominated for an Oscar.Hollywood and music talent must play along the Far Left and the Communists if they want money and fame, so people like Robert DeNiro, Rob Reiner, Jussie Smollett, Meghan Markle, Beyonce, and Cher continuously trash President Trump and the Republicans and the patriotism, populism, free-market capitalism, and American Nationalism they represent.The same applies to the sports industry. Here we see traitors like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick kissing Communist you-know-what and trashing America for personal gain.



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