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The following is an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming novel by Scott Campbell entitled PLANET 37: EARTH. The novel is based on the material from Alien Secrets and the Path to Ascension.

“What happened, Buddy?”

"The Orb, I couldn't help it, it was so beautiful, and it beckoned me. I even heard singing, the most beautiful song ever. I reached out to touch it and got shocked. That's all I remember. I woke up here a few hours ago. I don't remember walking here. I must have fallen at least once; I’ve got a couple of messed up ribs. They hurt when I move."

Sticky mud clung to the spaces between his fingers. He had used them to break his fall. He had a gash on his forehead and a bloody and swollen nose.

“Looks like you fell on your face and chest. Been there, done that. You might have hit a rock or a tree root with your forehead. Anything else?"

Techno used more water and a small towel to clean him up and put some antibiotic ointment on his cleansed wounds. He put a large bandage over this forehead.

“Keep some pressure on it, it will stop any bleeding.”

“Yeah, I have something else to tell you, but just between you and me, Okay, Techno?”

Techno thought for a few moments.

"I can't promise that. Everything is so important now. You have to tell me anyway because all of our lives depend on the info we gather."

“Okay, what the hell.” My private parts are sore. I know it will bother me when I walk. Even my butt hurts.”

“Got it. Best to tell Sandra. No need to put you through this twice.”

"I don't remember anything more; I wish I did!”

Techno took the blanket, put it in the backpack, and put the backpack on.

"Did you get a chance at the Orb. It’s worth two million dollars, you know."

" I saw it fly off after I got near it, low to the ground. I will tell you more about it on the way back. Okay, Buddy? Stand up, I’m glad you are a scrawny skateboarder-type."

“What? Why?

Techno distracted Hanz with a piece of jerky and helped Hanz up. He immediately slung him over his shoulder and the backpack. Hanz cried out in pain.

“Sorry about that. I know it's not exactly a first-class seat or an ambulance, but we got to get you the hell out of here. Hold on to the backpack.”

“Why aren’t you limping, Techno? You are moving fast, man”

It’s a long story. Hold on.”

Beki, Techno, and Hanz popped out of the forest ten meters from Sandra and Pandora.

“Hanz!” shouted Pandora.

"Hey guys. Thanks for coming after me.”

“Thank God Beki found the little howler!” Sandra said.

“Better put on your N-95 masks. He’s sick, still with a fever. We don’t have hazmats, do we?


“Good, they are such a pain to put on,” Pandora said.

Techno gently placed Hanz in the rear seat. Pandora and Sandra took the middle seat where they could tend to Hanz. The heroine of the day, Beki, rode shotgun, smiling as usual.

“Give that young howler some more jerky, he’s got to be starving. How about one big piece for Beki?” Techno said. “I’ll take whatever is left.”


They drove back and got as close to the cave as they could. Then Techno carried Hanz to a spot near the cave entrance.

“Permission to enter the emergency room,” Techno stated.

“Permission granted.” Sandra said.

“Did you get abducted, Hanz?” Sparks said.

“I don’t remember but it sure feels like it now.” Techno and Hanz both chuckled.

“I’m better than two nights ago—at least my fever.”

“I’m still recommending hazmats,” Sandra said. “But N-95s might be good enough. So far, it looks like our immune system can handle it. Techno appears to have become healthier; I'll leave it up to you guys.

Professor Sparks went to put his hazmat on. Pandora prepared a bed for Hanz on Techno's side of the cave.

“Put Hanz right here.”

Techno placed Hanz on his bedding and Sandra took his vitals. Beki made herself comfortable next to Hanz.

“Professor, I got three readings from your meter in the area above the tripods. Two were strong, and one was extremely strong!”

“I’m guessing two Orbs and a Mother Ship.” Professor Sparks said.

“That’s what I was thinking.’’

“Hanz, please tell us what happened, as best as you can remember. Every detail is important. Our lives might depend on your story." Professor Sparks said.

Hanz retold his tale.

“I see my own aura and others’ too. I don’t know what it means.”

"Techno sees them, too.” Sandra said.

Techno cleared his throat and drew a quick look from Hanz.

“Oh, and I almost forgot, my private parts hurt like hell!”

The professor tried to keep a straight face but couldn’t. Everyone looked at each other and then back at Hanz. The professor laughed first, and then they all laughed—except Hanz.

“Hey guys, it’s not funny, they really hurt—including my butt!”

Everyone laughed louder.

"I think we all needed a good laugh." The professor said, "I am so happy we have Hanz back. I think Hanz had an encounter of the Inappropriate Kind. No more running off on your own, Hanz. You got lucky this time.”

“One more thing, guys, I have an alien baby coming—I’ve been dreaming about it—it’s a girl.”


Before night fell, the group got busy making up a nice dinner. Techno had refined Hanz’s trout fishing skills earlier in the day. Beki chased and toyed with the squirrels. They had returned with seven fresh fish and some berries. Since the adventuring brainiacs didn’t feel threatened by the Orbs, they built a fire and dined outside the cave as it turned dark. Techno fastened Beki’s leash to a tree. He didn’t want her to stray but needed her large ears and keen eyes to guard against wolves. Techno wore a holstered .45. They finished up a lengthy dinner and roasted some large green marshmallows.

“Alma’s coming!” Hanz said.

“What? Coming right here?” Monica said. “How do you know?”

“I just feel it.”

“Wait. Listen and look, everybody.” Hanz said.

No Alma came, and Hanz slumped his head and drew figures in the dirt with a stick.

“I was sure she was coming. I know I will dream it tonight and talk to her.”

“What’s that?” Sandra said, pointing twenty-five meters up the trail. Beki barked and pulled on her leash.

“I see something.” Pandora said.

“I don’t see anything,” Professor Sparks said. “What is it?”

“I see it! Hanz said. It’s three Orbs in a triangle formation, about a foot above the ground, coming down the trail. They are giving off a faint light. There is someone in the middle, in a dark cloak. It’s got to be Alma!”

Hanz started to get up, but Techno pulled him back down.

“Hold on there, Buddy. I don’t want to lose you to something that might not be Alma. Let’s wait. Beki, off!. I’ve got my .45. Whoever it is, they are coming right for us. So, let’s be smart. If you start running at her, if it is Alma, the Orbs might shock you. They are protecting whoever it is.”

“That makes sense, Hanz.” Professor Spark said. “Hold on for a minute, Hanz.”

“I think that it is Alma, too.” Monica said. “She floats a little as she walks.”

Techno stood up to grab Beki’s leash and calm her down. The figure and the Orbs stopped, just five meters away. The figure pulled back the hood of her cloak.

“It’s Alma!” Hanz said. Remembering his first shock at the tripods, he walked towards her casually to as not to test the Orbs.

“Hi, Hanz,” Alma said, smiling. She walked away from the Orbs towards Hanz and hugged him. She gave him a kiss that was too long.

“Come meet my friends.”

Beki growled and barked, but Alma walked right up to her.

“Don’t!” cried Techno. “She might bite.”

Alma did not pause and walked right up to Beki and offered her hand for Beki to smell. Beki started licking her hand, and Alma petted her. “You’re such a beautiful dog creature, aren’t you?” Beki melted and even laid down and rolled over to have her belly rubbed. Alma obliged her and walked to the fire. The flickering light made it easy to appreciate her beauty.

“Everybody, this is Alma.” Hanz gestured to each of his friends. “Alma this is Techno, and Professor Sparks, and Sandra, and Monica, and Pandora.”

“It’s such a pleasure to meet all of you!”

“Would you like a marshmallow? Techno said. Everyone laughed, including Alma, helping to relieve the moment's tension. Techno expected her to refuse.

“Sure, I’d loved one!”

“What, oh, OK, ah, OK… Hanz would you do the honors?”

“Here let me do the honors.” Sandra said as Hanz started fumbling around. “Maybe Hanz can find a seat for our guest.”

“Here would be good,” Hanz said. Alma sat, and Hanz sat next to her.

“I love sugar from Earth. This is tasty. Thank you.”

“So have you had lots of Earth foods?” Pandora said.

“Yes, I have. My family has been around Earth for a long time, and we were instructed to learn about Earth cultures and cuisines. We have to make a few adjustments to blend in perfectly, but it is not difficult.”

“Like not floating or gliding, and no energy streaks?” Monica said.

“Yes, like not gliding.” Alma laughed. “The females wear wigs because all of us have no hair atop our heads, unless we frequent cosmopolitan cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Frankfurt, and Paris. Controlling energy streaks is harder because they reflect our power levels. Males have hair on their heads.”

“Power levels?” Techno said.

“Yes, we carry charges and links to Orbs and vessels. We can float, we can defend ourselves.”

“How long is a ‘long time.’” Pandora said.

“I’d rather not say right now, it would shock you. But gradually I will give you answers to most everything you are curious about.”

“So, you plan to visit us often?” Monica said.

“I do.”

“Then I don’t want to leave our cave for a while.”

Techno exchanged glances with Professor Sparks. They each had so many questions to ask. The Professor gently shook his head, “No.” Techno understood that this was not the time. Alma had promised information and frequently returned, which was good enough for the first night. Alma read their minds.

“I came to see Hanz, but I also came to represent my family. I am about to speak directly from the group mind of my family. I know, Professor Sparks, that you, Techno, and the others have many questions about our presence and intent. What I want to say right now is that we come in peace for Earthlings. We are family and always have been. We are also family with the Seeders, the ones who first engineered your DNA, your creators. Although evolution shaped life on Earth, we intervened to spawn Homo sapiens, per se, about two hundred thousand years ago. Given the present conditions of your species and planet, we are going to intervene again, to upgrade some of your species, and recruit you to join our ranks. We will work to eliminate your Grey infestation. Greys are one of our sworn enemies and always have been. About a billion live underground. There are other species, some will be allies and some of them will side with the Greys. The Greys partnered with most of your Big Business to establish destruction as a path to a totalitarian state amidst pollution, suffering, and the death of many species. They now show us that they are clearly winning, just in the last one hundred years. Now we challenge them for control. Therefore, we revealed ourselves at this time. We have a plan for peaceful revolution over the next two generations for all Humans, and a not so peaceful plan for the Greys who are biorobots rather than beings with a soul. The Reptilians, quite powerful,. often associate with the Greys and became another sworn enemy long ago. They have been behind the manufacturing of Greys in the past.”

“With quantum amplification, we can selectively read Human thoughts from any distance. We singled you six out, and others, because of your knowledge and good hearts. Unlike most Humans, you are capable of understanding what you call “the big picture.” We have plans for your group as spokespeople. We know, by your actions already, that you can, and will, meet this ultimate challenge as part of our family.”

“I have a feeling this isn’t a democracy.” said Professor Sparks.

“No, it isn’t.”

“I told you the truth because you are some of the few people that can handle it at this time and contribute to our common cause.”

“I agree, this is exactly what our planet and species’ needs, a cleansing and re-education.” Pandora said.

“I agree. It’s sad, but necessary.” Sandra said.

“I do too,” Monica said.

“Consider me signed up and at your service,” Techno said. “I was hoping this would be your agenda. Your meteor shower entrance proved to be brilliant. You knew everyone would be looking at the heavens. You demonstrated your presence and power but also your benevolence.”

“Yes, Techno, it all arose from planning and techniques proven in the past.”

“Could you guys stay here while I show Alma our cave and talk to her for a minute.” “Come on, Alma.” Hanz took Alma by the hand, and one Orb followed them into the cave, one positioned itself at the entrance, and one remained at the trail.

“Alma is hard not to like,” Monica said. “What a striking appearance.”

“This all is mind blowing, but we were on the right track figuring them out, especially Techno,” Pandora said.

“She is simply amazing and so beautiful.” Sandra said. “We all will learn so much from her and her species. Imagine all of their medicine and abilities.”

“I think the Greys should either leave the planet or expect to be eradicated, “Professor Sparks said. “I want to ask her to transmit the healing virus to me. Sandra, what do you think?”

“Techno and Hanz handled that initial fever easily, but you are more at risk because of your age. Let’s ask her.”

Alma and Hanz emerged from the cave and walked towards the fire. Two Orbs followed.

“Your cave is so cozy and warm. I love it!”

“I set Hanz’s phone up with an Orb-app. He will share it with everyone. Use it for phone calls to your families and to each other. Use your regular service for all other communications so as not to arouse suspicion. It will disguise your location and serve as a secure alternative to your services. Your calls will be private even if your government tries to spy on you. It is based on the Orbs who have established a network for us all around Earth. You can text message. It’s like a private satellite phone and browser. You can use it for email and social media. Never mention what is going on here or my name on your regular phones.”

Everyone thanked Alma.

“I have a question, Alma, Professor Sparks said. “Will you infect me with the virus? I am in constant pain with my ailments, which slows down my productivity.”

“Stand up, please.” Sparks grabbed his cane and stood up. Alma pulled out a small device from inside her cloak and scanned the Professor, front and back. “The Orbs give out a strong dose of the virus, to be sure to infect everyone, but I can give you a pill that has a weaker dose, and your fever will be negligible. The virus should help reduce your painful inflammation. I want to get you into one of our Quantum Healers.”

Sparks grinned ear to ear.

“I’ll take that as a ‘Yes.”

Alma reached under her cloak, retrieved a thin rectangular case, and opened it. She selected a red capsule.

“Here. It has a small dose of the virus. It will multiply to give you the full effects, but it will take some time. We need to evaluate you some more before customizing a treatment regimen that will give you more abilities than the virus alone. We see you as valuable with your university connections. We want to upgrade you and the others as much as possible.”

Sandra handed the Professor a canteen, and he unwrapped it and took the pill.

“Anyone else ready.”

“I’m ready, “Sandra said.” She took a pill.

“I will be leaving the cave, eventually,” Monica said. “If I took the pill, would that be all right?”

“Yes, you will be family with us no matter where you go. We will talk more about it, but I want you take pills to give to your family, including your kids.”

Monica and Pandora stepped forward to get their pills.

“Because of your emails, website, and social media posts, your government is surveilling you by satellite and infrared. The Orbs and I cloak ourselves from their technology. The cave shields you well, but out here they watch you. We will beam you, one at a time, from the cave to our ship for medical evaluation and treatment. Later tonight, the good Professor will be first.”


“Now think Hanz, before the forest, did you wake up anywhere else?”

Hanz wriggled in his seat, frowned, and shook a little bit. “I, I can’t, can’t…I promised not to….”

“Hanz, you are in the cave, our safe place, you are with me, Pandora, and Techno, who care about you and won’t let anyone hurt you. You need to tell us to help us. Did you wake up anywhere else besides the forest?”



“In a room with a most attractive young lady.”

“Where was the room?

“I don’t know. There were no windows. No doors. The ceiling was very high. Just illuminated blue walls and a comfortable-looking bed, like a king-sized bed.

“Was she human?”

“She looked human. Light bronze skin, but with some blue that came and went, like she was part pure energy. She stood taller than me by an inch or so. She had a long, slender, sensual neck. She looked about twenty years old. Not only a beautiful face, but a perfect, toned, and fit body—like a Humanoid Barbie doll. She wore a skintight one-piece outfit, also white. I remember her gleaming smile and she told me her name was “Alma,” that she had been watching me, and she was attracted to me. I said something about not knowing her, that I was not good in relationships in the past, but I would like to get to know her. If it was a trick, then trick me, I didn’t care. I will never forget her. When she walked over to the bed, she floated a bit, like she didn’t need to walk if she didn’t want to.”

“Then what happened, Hanz?”

“She sat on the bed, patted it, and told me to come to join her. She told me she watched us since the meteor shower, and we were singled out to contact, like others with our sentiments and knowledge. My behavior had gotten her attention. I was brave to run off by myself to approach the Orb and touch it, especially with Greys around, and she liked that, and that I was very emotional but intelligent for a Human and very alive. She started kissing me. She touched my restricted area, you know. She reached behind her back as if to press a button, and her clothes disappeared to reveal her perfect body. I felt her. She said she was ordered to make a baby with me. I said that it was fine with me. We both removed my clothes and made love, several times, for about an hour, until I was starting to hurt a bit. On the last time, she shared with me that we made a baby. I would be the father of a girl. When I asked how she knew, she just said that she could feel it, it was easy for her, and she perceived the world at much deeper levels than Humans, and she wanted to teach me some of her ways. Her pregnancy wasn’t just about egg and sperm, but about two souls joining together insider her, a most wonderful feeling. She informed me that I would experience a fever from a virus and my body would change. Eventually, I would understand her more telepathically. She smiled and told me that I would be surprised that I am such a good father. I was not to share this with anybody, and they would erase my memory, but she would always be connected to me.”

“We were an alliance pair forever. She said I would black out soon, and they would run tests on me and that I might be sore when I woke up. She was sure my friends would find me with their ‘beautiful dog creature.’” Then I blacked out again.”

“Do you remember waking up anywhere else besides the forest?”


“Okay, Hanz. It’s time to wake up from your hypnotic state and deep sleep. I will count backwards from five to one and then snap my fingers and you will be awake and relaxed. Five----- four----- three-----two-----one.”

Pandora snapped her fingers, and Hanz lifted his head and opened his eyes. He stood up and motioned for Pandora to stand up and gave her a big hug.

Scott Campbell (Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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