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37th Empire War Bot Takes on Reptilians and Tall Greys

The following is an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming novel by Scott Campbell entitled 37th Empire. The novel is based on the revelations of his latest book, Alien Secrets and the Path to Ascension.

They boast an intimidating look, like a robotic Mandalorian, or Iron Man. The base of their morphing spears, when slammed to a hard surface, emits a powerful electromagnetic field which spreads out in waves in all directions to neutralize opponents but which consumes large amounts of energy.

They operate in most any medium except solids. Coloration: Tungsten gray that matches most Orbellian vessels. They float walk, jog, run, swim, or fly allowing for full weaponry deployment in formation or independently. Quantum supercomputers embedded in Central Authority underlie communications including real-time attack strategies. Like Orbellian craft, they can cloak themselves, but for shorter durations. Large numbers of OCBs require the company of proximal space vessels, tanks, armored carriers, water vessels, or trailer canons to maintain charge—or charged opponents. They also serve as security and construction robots. One or more are often assigned to high profile humans for security. Orb armor has limited mobility on its own, but a shell version, with less weaponry, can travel quickly to join with any Orb or designated humanoid like humans or Orbellians. Because of their versatility and swarming potential, they form the bulk of our military on Earth.”

“Cool!” said Hanz. This is one kick-ass robot.”

“I never felt safer, ever.” Pandora, said.

“37 DASH,” Professor Sparks said, where’s your morphing spear? I would like to see one.”

The spectacular robot extended its right arm and opened its hand perpendicular to the ground. A three-meter morphing spear formed from segments hidden in its sleeve in 1.2 seconds. If desired, each segment served as a separate weapon.

Pushing his glasses up on his nose and pulling on his beard, Professor Sparks got up to take a closer look, gripping the spear. What do all of these symbols mean, 37?”

“They represent the planets in Family Orbellian.”

“I assume the oldest is at the bottom, and the youngest, the top?”

“That’s correct.”

“I’m not tall enough to see, what is the planet’s name for that symbol at the very top?”

"Orbellicrom 37 or 'Earth.’"

He circled around the robot and poked it here and there. Unbelievable. 37 looks invincible.”

“Can I hold your spear?”

“Sorry, Professor Sparks. No.”

Hanz stood up to examine the OCB, too, and then Techno.

How many war-bots like this one are near or on Earth right now?” Techno asked.

“37 DASH. How many?

“One-million, four-hundred thousand, five-hundred and forty-six as of two minutes ago.”

“We will deploy OCBs for our full assault against the Reptilians and Greys and their human partners and to prevent human on human wars,” Alama said.

“Once everyone is comfortable with 37 DASH, I want to assign it to you. You have choices. You can have it stand-by, unseen, or interact with it at will. I suggest the latter to learn its full capabilities. It has already identified each one of you by your electromagnetic spectrum. The 37 DASH verified your identities with Central Authority. Go ahead, someone give it a command or ask a question. It is impossible for the 37 DASH to harm any one of you. Its actions must be approved by the Central Authority whose communications penetrate all known in the universe except Black Holes.”

“37 DASH.”

“Yes, Techno.”

“May I call you ‘37’ for short?”

“Yes, of course, Techno.”

“OK, 37, how many wolves are within one-half mile from here?”

“Two. Traveling as a pair.”

“Identify genus, species, and common name and any information you deem relevant.”

Canis lupus baileyi, commonly known as the Mexican gray wolf, and moving north by north-east. They are approximately the size of Beki. They currently are not a threat.”

“What would you do if a wolf attacked us?”

“I would render it unconscious with a stun charge from my left sleeve and then suggest how to safely remove it as a potential threat, most likely to another mountain.”

“Beki, you have a new partner. What a team!” Techno said.

“37, how did you get that information about the wolves so quickly?” Pandora asked.

“I am always connected by instantaneous quantum transmissions to our vessels’ surveillance systems which use twenty-two different scanners. They are part of Central Authority.”

“How many aliens are within ten miles?”

“That is classified information. You are not in danger.”

“Does anyone want to argue against adopting ’37?’ Techno said.

“Let’s start the salmon.” Sandra said. “I need a glass of wine—or two.”

“37, can you cook, Pandora asked.”

“Of course.”

“That’s good to know, but I want to cook tonight.” Sandra said.

Scott Campbell (Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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