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Rather than espousing a traditional Marxist promise for elevating the working class's living conditions, which Marx called the "proletariat," modern Communists employ psychological manipulation to make working classes and others in society feel demonized, unwanted, and under attack in their own countries.

The Democrats embraced a dizzying array of anti-normal genders and other classifications to alienate and divide against traditional Christian America, which comprises most Trump supporters.

Communists desire a United States that pretends to mesh previously excluded groups while at the same time excluding the group that was once central to inclusion. A Christian male with white skin who identifies as heterosexual and conservative becomes the epitome of the person that the Communists want to exclude now—the same person that has the most potential to defeat them.

The Communists commit the very acts of racism and bigotry they are supposed to revile. Non-Whites find themselves welcomed. Whites do not. Women should be favored over men. Heterosexuals must wave bye-bye to society and its homosexuals, bisexuals, transexuals, and pansexuals. Normal is out, anti-normal is in, hoping to make White natives, and especially White male natives, feel like foreigners in their own country.

Excerpt from Summary and Expansion: 1984 by George Orwell

Written in 1944, the novel entitled 1984 proved to be George Orwell’s most unnerving prophecy. Timelier than ever, Orwell’s dystopian vision of a government that will do anything to dominate people forms the basis of one of the greatest novels of all time. This book and audiobook offer uniqueness, and time and cost-efficiency. Summaries and Expansions, filled with insight and added material most relevant to Orwell’s topics and themes, become yours to enjoy. Many of his most famous scenes and passages form a solid foundation for analysis. Winston Smith reconstructs history for his nine-to-five job for the Ministry of Truth—a job similar to the one Orwell had with the BBC. With each falsehood that he writes and each truth that he buries, Winston grows to detest Big Brother more. His thoughts start to become his own, but Big Brother is constantly watching and listening. Even thinking of creating a personal journal, or falling in love, is punishable by death. Winston writes a journal and falls in love. Game on. From beginning to end, this stunning and haunting work that has blessed us with a unique literary masterpiece. 1984 creates an imaginary world that is both unforgettable and unsettling, There is no denial of the novel’s tight grip on entire generations or the influence of its warnings—an uncanny power that seems to gain strength, not lose it, with time. Orwell’s 1984 rose to the top of best seller lists in late 2020 and 2021 because the world continues to evolve from the one which gave him his experiences and motives towards one which matches his gloomy predictions in a most uncanny fashion. The last part of the book is a primer on communism.

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