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Candace Owens
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WARNING! This is a Best Seller Summary and Analysis of BLACKOUT by Candace Owens. It is not the original book, nor intended to replace it. If you are a Democrat, do not read this book because you will learn many characteristics about your party that are embarrassingly despicable. Your party has historically exploited and constrained many Blacks. If you want the truth or are a Republican or Independent, then this book and Candace Owen's book are must-reads, so you know what you are up against.


A hard-core Democrat for most of her life, Candace Owens started to doubt the left's treatment of, and policies for, Black Americans. She decided to take a close look at how the Democrats had "organized" Black communities for "change" that meant "control," "constrain," and "harm." The Democrat efforts were aimed to prevent Blacks from conquering the challenges of poverty and embrace the American Dream. Black success meant less power for the Democrats.


Ms. Owens shares her personal history in which she started out in the projects and rose to reside on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. She sets an example of how she overcame obstacles and setbacks to beat the Democrat system designed to keep her down as a "victim."


Government assistance, Ms. Owens argues, has a dark side, and can take away motivation and independence. It results in Plantation Politics. She laments how the Democrats push for abortion has many negative effects on Black communities-- beyond the murder of Black babies. She explains how the #MeToo movement is detrimental to Black males and hence the Black communities in general.


Taking a right turn in political identity will lead to a healthier, happier, more independent, and more successful life. 


“What do you have to lose?” was what Trump as a candidate asked Blacks regarding voting Republican. Nothing is the right answer--but with a whole lot to gain.


Important books demand widespread readership and understanding. 


BLACKOUT is one of them.


Use this Best Selling Summary and Analysis book to:


#1 Decide if the original book is for you. Hint: it is!

#2 Get chapter-by-chapter main points and takeaways.

#3 Gain a better understanding, 

#4 Learn what you must know in less than 60 minutes.

#5 Refresh your memory of the parent book.


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