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Michelle Obama
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Thanks to mass marketing from deep pocketed progressives into 28 languages from a parent publishing firm from Germany, called Bertelsmann, which owns Crown, Michelle Obama's book, Becoming, is likely to enjoy the status and influence of the best selling memoir of all time--unless Barack’s A Promised Land, can beat it. Bertelsmann, which initially became rich from publishing for Hitler through exploiting Jewish slave labor, influences most of the Western world as a serpent which molted into the world’s biggest publishing company. Bertelsmann soon earned a reputation for meddling in global politics, accepted routine visits from heads of state, and made Barack and Michelle rich. Barack’s first lucrative contract came just before he entered office, making it perfectly legal, albeit unethical. The biggest contracts came after they left the White House. We can assume they got something in return for Germany and the EU other than book profits--like a deal to publish Common Core or an Obama push for the Paris Climate Agreement.

According to The Atlantic, Barack Obama leaked that Michelle’s publisher employed a ghostwriter for her life chronicles, and, of course, claimed that he will not. This becomes obvious with professional-level passages filled with clever use of verbs, adjectives, and descriptions more fitting for a practiced novelist than an attorney or hospital outreach director. It is not uncommon for celebrities to employ ghostwriters, but when the memoir is hyped as “in her own words,” then it becomes unsettling, even disgusting.

This summary book is a most unusual and valuable book for understanding Michelle Obama, her origins, and her participation in a partisan plot, including an arranged marriage, with Barack Obama and his leftist, activist, and big-business backers, to capture the White House for profit and global influence. This book presents a summary of Becoming as published, but then continuously counters with a rebuttal which is expanded after the summary. So you get Bertelsmann’s version of her story, and then the real and truthful version, simultaneously, and with cited references from reputable sources. The rebuttal expands in Part Two to twice as many pages as the summary.

Imposter Syndrome, or “fraud syndrome,” is not uncommon among celebrities as a psychological affliction in which a person not only questions their abilities, intelligence, and accomplishments, but harbors a nagging and constant fear of being revealed as a fraud. According to the BBC, on December 3, 2018, Michelle Obama interviewed in London with Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and, when asked how she felt about her perception as a symbol of hope, told the world that she has Impostor Syndrome, and she finds it hard to believe that people listen to her at all, and that people should not take her seriously.
Michelle summed it up by saying she sometimes feels like a fraud.

Could it be that not only is she a fraud, but, along with Barack Obama, an integral part of the perhaps the biggest, most serious, most damaging fraud in world history, responsible for the pilfering of trillions of dollars, economic stagnation, the abandonment of morality, killing hundreds of thousands, and further dividing a nation by race and gender?

If true, Michelle and Barack’s fraud may have provided the funding and leadership, and access by foreign governments, to finally destroy the values and fabric of the United States forever in favor of leftist and communist agendas.

Fraud, or fraud and treason?

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