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Dinesh D'Souza
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WARNING! If you are a Democrat, don’t read this book. The facts about your party, now led by radical socialists, are embarrassingly despicable. If you are to survive as a Conservative or Independent, then this book and D’Sousa’s are must-reads. Be aware that your family will always live under constant attack by socialists. Know why.


This is a Best Seller Summary and Analysis of the United States of Socialism by Dinesh D’Sousa. It is not the original book. 


Important books demand widespread readership and understanding.


Dinesh D’Sousa writes to expose the Democrat socialists, their “Socialist Dream” for what a “racket” it is, and then bury them. He shares how the socialists first arose, how their diabolical techniques infuse a divisive and antagonistic form of “Identity Socialism,” and how we must rally behind Trump’s lead to stop them. 


Use this Best Selling Summary and Analysis book to:


#1 Decide if the original text is for you. Hint: it is!

#2 Get chapter-by-chapter main points and takeaways.

#3 Gain a better understanding, 

#4 Learn what you must know in a fraction of the time.

#5 Refresh your memory of the parent book.

#6 Enjoy occasional editorial comments


Scott Campbell penned many related books on socialism, Marxism, the Deep State, the Obamas, and Trump and is not associated with D’Sousa or his publisher in any way. Scott Campbell is wholly responsible for the content of the summary book. If you are the author, publisher, or representative of the original work, please contact the author with any concerns or comments. 


Identity politics is a political strategy. People of a particular identity bond into alliances to exclude all others. Race, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-cultural background are common identities. There might be an intersection of several identities. White, Christian, heterosexual male, middle-class, and Conservative is the intersectional identity that the socialists want to alienate and annihilate. It also describes many of President Trump’s supporters. For a replacement, they might wish to a non-White, Muslim, transgender female, lower class, and Democrat--someone who, solely because of their perceived identity, will blindly follow Democrats. Identity politics’ goal is to force group agendas upon others to bring about socialist “change” towards establishing total control of a society and its wealth.


Identity intersectional politics is a strategy adopted by socialists to create divides and conflicts intentionally. The Obama administration, in its second term, became experts at it. Democrat identity socialists are trying to magnify and harness this natural array of divisions to create a majority coalition to implement their desired changes.


Dinesh D’Sousa is blessed with one of the most brilliant and analytical minds of our time. As a devoted supporter of our Founding Fathers, the Bill of Rights, and our Constitution, he champions Conservative causes. He defines Conservatism as holding sacred the American Revolution's principles and promoting the “self-made man.” Embedded in free markets, the self-made man brims with ideas that lead to invention and advancement. D’Sousa likes to recognize Ben Franklin and Frederick Douglas as prime examples of self-made men. He likes Abraham Lincoln for representing the virtues of the American Revolution and the concept and importance of equal rights for all.


D’Sousa migrated to America as an exchange student. He wanted to see our middle-class abundance and experience our relative freedom from corruption. He was in for a big surprise.

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