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High on Habits provides a tried-and-true and easy 3-Step Process for daily improvement. Use practical tactics for forming good habits, breaking bad ones, even addictions, and mastering the little actions that lead to astonishing improvement.

It is not your fault if you are having problems altering your behaviors. Your system is the issue. Bad habits repeat themselves repeatedly, not because you do not want to change, but because you are using the incorrect change strategy. Take advantage of a proven approach for reaching new heights of improvement.

The ability of the self to change its behavior is known as self-regulation. It improves human behavior's flexibility and adaptability, allowing individuals to modify their activities to various social and situational demands. It provides a crucial foundation for free will and socially acceptable action. It benefits both the individual and society. Successful self-regulation plays a role in a variety of desirable outcomes, including the performance of tasks, work and school and success, mental health and adjustment, popularity, and good interpersonal relationships.

Much of your behavior is governed by habits. One of the proven ways to self-regulate, or change behavior, is through small changes in habits. If you incrementally increase each variable that underpins your behavior, you will see a considerable overall improvement. This has been called the Accumulation of Marginal Gains effect.

 Breaking bad or addictive habits and replacing them with good ones helps build the desired self. A new identity emerges with an improved set of behaviors that are more beneficial to the individual and society.

The last part addresses common addictions like smoking cigarettes and using cannabis, alcohol, opioids, and cocaine. It gives you their negative health effects to boost your motivation to quit. It also offers traditional treatment options and a High on Habits approach for quitting. A similar system applies to any addictive substance or activity.

Scott R. Campbell is a healthcare professional with thirty years of experience and multiple degrees from prestigious universities who enjoys research and writing. He has authored dozens of books and seeks added meaning to life by helping others.

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