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Not intended to replace but to complement, this is a summary book of Red-Handed by Peter Schweizer, the New York Times best selling author. In his quarter-century as an investigative journalist, Peter Schweizer claims that this is the most terrifying investigation he has ever dared to tackle.

It's hardly surprising that the Chinese government wants to penetrate American organizations. The amount of American elites prepared to assist the Chinese regime in its ambition for global hegemony, on the other hand, is entirely new.

Presidential families, Silicon Valley geniuses, Wall Street high rollers, Ivy League colleges, and even professional sportsmen are all prepared to put personal gain ahead of national security.

Six-time New York Times bestselling investigator Peter Schweizer reveals his most shocking revelations to date in Red-Handed, showing the covert transactions made by affluent Americans to assist China expand its military, technical, and economic strength. Moreover, many of these elites secretly feel that China's dictatorship is preferable than American democracy.

Schweizer and his team of forensic investigators combed through a large archive of worldwide company documents and court files for almost a year in order to uncover the covert transactions that China's facilitators thought would never be revealed. And, as Schweizer's previous exposés such as Profiles in Corruption, Secret Empires, and Clinton Cash shown, bad actors exist on both sides of the political divide.

Red-Handed will uncover the power link between the Chinese government and the American elites who do its bidding. It will be exhaustively researched, crisply delivered, and scary.

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