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author: scott campbell 

Scott Campbell earned a Biology degree, Summa Cum Laude, a physiology degree, and a doctorate from prestigious universities. Tops among his  signature skills is his ability to recognize intricate patterns that oversee various fields: general science, exobiology, exogenesis, technology, politics, behavioral psychology, ideologies, including religions, social studies, evolution, philosophy, financial markets, and government. These subjects drove his research starting in 2008 and facilitate summarizing a great variety of books. As a kid he became a science fiction fan, and still is today. 

Best Seller Summaries offer an easy, painless, and affordable way to keep up with the world and its hottest non-fiction topics. Choose from e-book, printed, and audio formats.

Two forms of narration and many ways to search, filter, and buy.


Many audiobooks boast two forms of narration. Number Scott Campbell, or number 2, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence from Amazon Polly. 


Bundles of up to four summaries provide extra savings.


Click on the White Hat to see all single books. Click on the White Hat with the letter “B” on it to see all bundles.


Other categories appear below the main menu.  Take advantage of the filtering function once you call up a collection.


Select one of the best-selling authors to identify their best seller.

Download your books and enjoy them offline

Downloading the books allows for enjoyment away from a connection to the internet, giving you the freedom to listen anywhere and at any time on multiple devices.

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