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The following is an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming novel by Scott Campbell entitled PLANET 37: EARTH. The novel is based on the material from Alien Secrets and the Path to Ascension.

Ladies and Gentlemen, solving the so-called God Equation to merge gravity with quantum mechanics is one thing. Putting it to good use is quite another. Techno Orbellian Level Two gave Techno the eidetic memory of an Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, or a Stephen Hawking. Vivid images spread out into multiple dimensions racked his brain. He could “switch” it off, but never wanted to. Instead, he would lay down in a quiet spot and let the images interact and create based on his underlying desire or needs. Instead of handing him a solution, Family Orbellian asked Techno to come up with his unique solution for what was known on Earth as the God Equation. The Orbellians and other aliens had already presented Techno with clues on how to solve the most challenging problems humans faced. Both involved the complete mastery of quantum mechanics. Einstein could not figure out, after thirty years of attempts, nor many of the top physicists for the last one- hundred years, how to come up with a workable theory for quantum gravity that meshes with the theory of General Relativity, the so-called God Equation.” 1 The aliens did because they applied that knowledge to propel their ships by curving space-time around them to guide themselves along gravity geodesics. The aliens influence our consciousness and objects from a distance.Hints about their levels of prowess also came with the little, gray ET clones found at the Roswell crash. The “biological entities,” rather than mere pilots, were part of the ship, a single unit of impressive technology. The key to fully understanding humans, including Quantum Healing, lied in understanding how nonlocal quantum effects in the neuron microtubes underlie consciousness. 2 The aliens mastered this long ago. The keys to space travel, perhaps even faster than the speed of light, lay hidden in the God Equation. Techno studied, for months, the work of the top physicists of the last century: Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Paul Dirac, Erwin Schrodinger, Werner Heisenberg, and Richard Feynman. He was open to the newer physics of string theory and especially the work of string theorist Juan Martín Maldacena of Harvard and Princeton, arguably the leading theoretical physicist of the 21st century. He progressed to better control of his imagery. He developed a mental library of symbols and equations and would lay for hours mixing them, exchanging one symbol for another, always working towards the same goal, how to express gravity at the quantum level in such a way as to blend seamlessly with all of quantum mechanics. Techno began to see how space operates at the quantum level. Physicists have known since 2009 that space can be described as a network of entangled quantum bits. The link of all the points in space is the entanglement between the quantum bits. Space-time becomes but entangled quantum information. The degree of entanglement between two bits defines the spatial proximity of their corresponding positions. More entanglement means closer together. Less entanglement equals a greater separation. Techno took what Einstein had rejected as “spooky action at a distance,” the realities of quantum entanglement to redefine, mathematically, what space, distances, and motion. • Space-time becamethe entanglement of all quantumbits or qubits.

• Motions became changes in qubit entanglement.

• Gravitation remained the curvature of space-time due to matter which included entropic components.

• General relativity revealed itself in need a quantum correction.

Techno assume that he had a comprehensive quantum gravity theory that would include a full description of the entanglement network. Like the aliens undoubtedly already have accomplished, he could develop technology based on quantum computers to manipulate space-time as a gravity propulsion mechanism.

This would follow in the same way we can build quantum computers by understanding quantum mechanics.

Instead of thinking aboutit from a classical standpoint, he could now consider its quantum counterpart. He could manipulate the entanglement network, which is comparable to modifying space-time geometry, much more precisely and with much less energy than rearranging or altering masses.

That meant that quantum gravity could be applied to the hypothetical propulsion system of spaceships in the same way that quantum mechanics is used to underlie quantumcomputer. In generalrelativity, some geometries move at extremely high speeds. Quantum technology could enable space travel and even interstellar travel.

It took one week of hard-core math. Techno formulated an elegant quantum correction for the General Theory of Relativity. He had solved the God Equation.

He jumped on the web to search for any equation like his and found nothing that even remotely resembled it.

He talked with Alma, who suggested to keep it completely secret. He embedded multiple encrypted copies in databases to document the authenticity of his discovery. He then presented it to the same Family Orbellian representatives that had requested his solution months before.

Although the symbolism differed from Orwellian versions, Techno’s God Equation bore the same results.

Alma arranged a hologram communication with the Theoretical Physics Department at Orb Corp which included a number of humans.

“Techno,” the Department Head said, “Congratulations on your most unique and elegant solution. How would you like to earn a Nobel Prize?”

“I wouldn’t mind!”

“Excellent, we will begin the process for you and secure the needed backing. We believe Professor Sparks and your university will be most pleased. Good-bye.”

Scott Campbell (Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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